Tuesday, October 11, 2011

More Butterflies

When I finished the butterfly mobile, I decided that her little corner needed just a little more to it. After all, I wanted to make sure that everyone knew that was a GIRL'S corner! So I got a few more butterflies cut in different sizes and spread them on the wall. I think the smallest was about 3 inches across and the larges 6 inches. I had so much fun taping them up like they were all on their way somewhere on a playful breeze. Here is a picture of everything together.

One thought. I didn't do anything with these butterflies except stick them up with masking tape. BIG MISTAKE when the babies are sick and you turn on the humidifier. I walked in the next morning and my butterflies had all wilted. They are currently residing in my husband's huge engineering textbooks to try and flatten out. Since the humidifier is a very common addition to that room, they need protection. I wish I had run them through a laminator before. I think they also needed some sparkle. They will be so much happier in all that fog if they are sealed up safely.

Have fun creating clouds of butterflies!

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