Tuesday, October 11, 2011

More Butterflies

When I finished the butterfly mobile, I decided that her little corner needed just a little more to it. After all, I wanted to make sure that everyone knew that was a GIRL'S corner! So I got a few more butterflies cut in different sizes and spread them on the wall. I think the smallest was about 3 inches across and the larges 6 inches. I had so much fun taping them up like they were all on their way somewhere on a playful breeze. Here is a picture of everything together.

One thought. I didn't do anything with these butterflies except stick them up with masking tape. BIG MISTAKE when the babies are sick and you turn on the humidifier. I walked in the next morning and my butterflies had all wilted. They are currently residing in my husband's huge engineering textbooks to try and flatten out. Since the humidifier is a very common addition to that room, they need protection. I wish I had run them through a laminator before. I think they also needed some sparkle. They will be so much happier in all that fog if they are sealed up safely.

Have fun creating clouds of butterflies!

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Nursery Decor, A Butterfly Mobile

I love my babies and nothing gives me greater joy than to make something for them. When I found out I was pregnant with a baby girl, my mind exploded with ideas for decorating and crafting. I live in a very small rental right now, so my kids are both in a tiny room together. I knew my husband would freak out if I pink-ified the room while his first born son lived in there, so I had to figure out a way to girly up one corner for my sweetie. Anybody else LOVE Pottery Barn? Well, I didn't discover this butterfly mobile until they were all sold out. My heart was broken. It would have been just perfect. So instead, I decided to make my own. While it took me longer than my usual 30 min requirement, it was so worth it.

24 in metal ring or painted inner embroidery hoop
fishing line
Lots of beads
glitter spray (optional)
glue gun (also optional, but it helps)
paper butterflies

Now, for your butterflies, you could make a template, trace and cut out 100 butterflies. Did I? No way! I found a simply awesome lady on Etsy (www.etsy.com/shop/scrapdesignbystacie )who gave me several design, size and color options and she cut them out on her sweet little machine for me. Go see her, I bet she could do all sorts of things. Dragonflies, ladybugs, birds and flowers would be a cute combo. I had her do equal amounts of lilac, sage and cream. I can't bring myself to do a pink room for my girl.

First, take your ring and tie ribbon across it twice making an X. Tack your x together in the center. I also tacked my ribbon knots down with hot glue so they wouldn't slide around. Tie 4 strings of ribbon with the ends loose to your ring. You can put them with the other ribbon, or centered between them. Tack the down. Make them so your mobile will hang as far as you want from the ceiling. I did mind 13 inches each. Tie all four at the top evenly so your hoop is not lopsided. Hang from a door frame.

Next you will start stringing your butterflies. I tried spraying them first with glitter, but then I got glitter all over my hands. So I sprayed them after. But then they weren't even and the beads stuck to the butterflies. In hindsight, I wish I had sprayed them first and then LAMINATED them. You see, when your baby gets sick and you put the vaporizer in there for the night, you end up with curly butterflies in the morning.

Measure some fishline however long you want your butterflies to come down. I did mine probably 24 inches. I would go shorter. Tie a knot and string though a large needle. String a bead and a butterfly through. If you want you can also add a bead on top. String another bead on and TIE IT a couple of inches above the last. That will give your butterflies some space. Cluster them close or farther apart. However you want it. Next time I would bunch mine all up together. Three inches looks like a lot till they are all up there. They don't have to be even, it will help them fill in all the holes. I did 8 strings of butterflies around the hoop, on in the center and four on the ribbon around the center. I tacked everything down on the hoop with a little hot glue as well as my bottom beads so they wouldn't fall off. My husband thinks I should have wrapped chiffon around the top "cage" part. Which would be really cute if you could figure out how to swirl it. I just found this fun butterfly wreath at Michael's and wrapped it around. Then I took a pencil and curled the wires so they don't stick out funny. I'm seriously thinking about doing one with red and cream roses for MY bedroom.